We work very closely with our host families to provide a Canadian home for you. Your host family is part of the Wales community.  They are kind, warm and caring people who are also keen to experience different cultures like yours.  They look forward to your arrival as their new family member!

Some of the key benefits of our Homestay include: 

* It is the safest type of accommodation for young international students

* It provides daily chances for international students to improve their practical  English skills, while students who live in school residences usually choose to interact with students who speak their native language and therefore, do not have the same opportunity to improve their English skills

* Students are taken care of by their host family like a family member – truly personal care and support

* They have many chances for local community involvement by joining many host family activities

* The host family will help the student with self-discipline

* Payment is made monthly – there is no need to make payments six months or a full year in advance

Our Homestay program offers a truly Canadian living experience, plus a valuable life experience to help young international students grow and thrive!