Wales College delivers Ontario Ministry of Education courses at the University Preparation level of difficulty. Upon successful completion of these courses, students are eligible to apply for admission to university programs.

University Preparation Courses
(Grades 11 and 12)
These courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet entrance requirements for university study.  Teaching and learning will emphasize theoretical aspects of the course content, with supporting applications. The courses will focus on the development of both independent research skills and independent learning skills. These courses all have course codes ending in “4U”.

University/College Preparation Courses (Grade 11 and 12)
These courses include content that is relevant for both university and college programs. They provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the entrance requirements for specific university and college programs. The range of courses offered and the content of these courses will allow students to prepare for college and university programs and related careers. Teaching and learning will emphasize both theoretical aspects and related concrete applications of the course content. These courses all have course codes ending in “4M”.

To meet the requirements of university entrance, Wales College recommends that students take at least 6 of the following 4U/4M courses. These course are taken during the final year of study. Many do have prerequisite courses which must be taken first.By discussing their university programs with Wales College staff members and with the information provided to the students from the university workshops, tours, websites, and calendars, Wales College students will be able to make good choices in course selections. Please note that not all courses are offered in each semester. For some of these courses, prerequisite courses are required.  Students should speak with the principal to ensure they have the required prerequisites to enable them to take these courses.
The most often requested student course choices include the following grade 12 courses:

Course  Course Code
English ENG4U
The Writer’s Craft  EWC4U
Principles of Financial Accounting BAT4M
Introduction to International Business BBB4M
Analyzing Current Economic Issues CIA4U
Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus MCB4U
Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U
Geometry and Discrete Mathematics MGA4U
Chemistry SCH4U
Physics SPH4U
Biology SBI4U
Canadian and World Issues: A Geographical Analysis CGW4U

In addition, Wales College also offers the following grade 12 courses in some semesters, when there is sufficient student interest:

Visual Arts AVI4M
Organizational Studies: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources BOH4M
Dramatic Arts ADA4M
World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions CGU4U
Canadian and International Law CLN4U
Studies in Literature ETS4U
Biology SBI4U
Challenge and Change in Society HSB4M
Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society HHS4M
Computer and Information Science ICS4M

For a more detailed look at any of  the above courses visit the Ontario Ministry of Education’s secondary school curriculum website.