Student Services at Wales College

Wales College provides those students who wish to avail themselves of any or all of these services, to ensure that their time spent in our school is as effective as possible. Some of these services have small fees attached to them as Wales College staff members must use the services of outside agencies to provide these benefits. Students should know that if they encounter any problems, or need assistance in any area, the staff is available to assist them in resolving their concerns.

Study Permits
Staff members are available to provide assistance to students seeking to extend their Study Permits so they can continue to study in Canada.

Personal Counselling
Staff members will discuss and help students resolve personal problems they may have.

Educational Counselling
Staff members will assist students with educational planning to ensure that students will take the appropriate courses to be able to apply for admission to a university/college program which will meet their needs. In addition, those students who will be applying to university or college programs will have support and assistance to complete admissions forms, either on-line or paper based.

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Student Discounts
Wales College works with the TTC to provide TTC Student Discount Card Application Forms to students who meet the TTC Guidelines. Students must be nineteen (19) years of age or under by September 1 of the current school year to qualify for a discount. This card will save students money in purchasing TTC tickets or passes.

Tutoring Services
Wales College provides after school tutoring services for those students who wish to use this service. 

Staff members will assist students in setting up bank accounts and receiving basic banking services and products.

Wales College has an inventory of Homestay and other accommodation settings which we will provide to students. Please speak with one of our Admissions Officers to discuss your requirements.

Students are required to purchase the appropriate textbooks and other course materials for each course they take. Wales College works closely with a bookseller who sells books to our students at a discounted price.