University Application

Selection of an appropriate university and program is a difficult task for many students. Our staff members assist students with this to help them choose the most appropriate programs and universities to meet their needs.

Students must have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma in order to apply to a university program Included in this diploma, must be 6 courses at the “4U/4M” level. Wales College staff members work with our students to ensure that they are taking the appropriate courses to enable them to apply to the universities and university programs of their choice.

Wales College is registered with and works with the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) so that students can enroll, to their preferred Ontario Universities on-line, through the OUAC website. Under this system, students can apply to universities and continually track the status of their application to the universities to which they applied, using their computer.

Wales College invites representatives from several universities to speak to our students directly about the programs offered at the various universities. We encourage our students to avail themselves of the opportunities to tour university campuses to get a first-hand understanding of what is available at each campus.

For those students wishing to apply to universities outside of Ontario, Wales College staff members will assist them with the application process, as required. We provide official Student Transcripts to students and are willing to complete any supplementary forms which these institutions of higher learning, may require.