Top Universities Admission Guaranteed! 100% Wales Students Admitted to Top Universities!

The goal of virtually every Wales student is to attend university. Consequently, it is one of the School’s highest priorities to help our students with their university placement requirements. Historically, 100% our students have been admitted to top universities including University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Queens University, and so on!

Highlighted below are the things we do to meet each student’s university placement needs:

Help students develop specific education plans based on various university entry requirements
Assist students with their research and selection of universities that best meet students’ individual academic strengths, interests, and career goals
Help students apply to their selected universities, ensuring that all the required documents are appropriately completed and submitted on time
Assist students with scholarship application
Upon student request, provide a Letter of Recommendation from the Principal
Provide free workshops on university application, university programs, and university life
Invite universities to visit our campus to give briefings on their programs and admission requirements, as well as offering interviews
Organize student visits to the universities that they wish to attend
Contact university admission officers, registrars, or faculty deans on behalf of our students to arrange personal interviews or to resolve any potential problems during the application process

Historically 100% of our graduates have been accepted to the university or college of their choice every year.  Many have been awarded with scholarships. Why?

Here are the top 5 reasons for our success:

Great Teachers

With our teachers, studying is no longer something students’ do on their own. Our teachers are always there to help and support students. They make learning an absolutely enjoyable journey. They care deeply about our students’ learning needs; have a true passion for teaching; are equipped with excellent classroom resources and technology; and are offered consistent professional development and career advancement opportunities.

Small Class Sizes

Without small class sizes, any great teacher will have limitations in providing students with extra help and attention.  Small class sizes are a great feature of Wales, offering students exactly what they need to thrive and succeed.

Superior Curriculum

Wales is a leader in the area of student assessment and evaluation, providing a skills development program that is second to none.

Flexible Schedule

Our all-year, five-semester schedule, with 5 possible enrollment dates each year, offers the most flexible and personalized system available anywhere. Time and again, this unparalleled schedule offers our senior students an opportunity to plan their post-secondary education in the best possible manner.

Total Personal Support with University Applications

University Application is a complex process.  It requires substantial knowledge, experience, and sometimes, a personal recommendation. We provide all of this expertise and personalized service to our students to ensure they succeed.